"The last thing I want to say to you guys especially when I’m looking at you guys from up here is that I see- is that I see the next generation. You know there are a lot of brave people in the world right now but, they are brave for the wrong reasons. And, I want to encourage you guys to be brave for the right reasons. You hold positions of influence and power. There are people here right now who I’m talking to that are going to be in high positions of power and influence one day. I just pray you will learn to love the truth and that you will swallow it no matter how hard it is. We need you guys to step up and have the courage to take down those more powerful than you and I believe you will do it. I believe that you can do it."

Mark Foster of Foster the People at Austin City Limits before performing “The Truth” (via toospookyaesthetic)

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Mark Foster and Foster The People at Hovefestivalen (Hovefestival) 2014

Mark Foster in Citi: Culinary Beats.

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broken jaw || foster the people

everyday i’m fighting ‘cause i can’t read you
lost in the moment then i come back down
lost in the sight, i try to reach out
just a little bit closer then i come back down

This song never gets old!


Foster The People - ARTE Concert 2014

say my name, say my name //

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